Domain & Hosting Services

Domain and Hosting are basic things for making a Website for your own and this service provide by Rokomari IT Ltd in the best way.

Domain & Hosting Services

On the internet, your organization's administrative autonomy and authority defined by a Domain name. Its use for naming and addressing purpose.
Web hosting is the allowance of website or web page view over the Internet. Your domain is served on the Internet by the service providers. If you don't have any own domain service provider manage this for you.

Rokomari IT Ltd provides the best domain hosting service in Dhaka for you. If you don't have own domain we will provide this for you.

Our plan gives you disk space. Our High-performance web servers can complete your total solution. We use a dedicated server for our web hosting clients. Regular backups will always make by us for your website. We ensure the security of your website from spammers or hackers. The best quality of speed for your website will also provide by us. As the maintenance of a website is a life long task we always help you in this case.

So if you want domain hosting service for your company website contact us.


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