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19 March, 2022

Bangladesh is a highly populated country with a huge number of work force. A large number of population are seeking opportunity for their living. Considering these fact, Rokomari IT institute aim to be part of the developing process with the IT enable courses.

19 March, 2022

This modern era enable a lot of opportunity through online. Outsourcing is one of the popular way to think. Even people start building their career in outsourcing. But people cannot start outsourcing due to lack of proper guideline.

19 March, 2022

Rokomari IT Institute (RITI) offers free seminar to clear your path to start outsourcing successfully.Rokomari IT Institute starts its journey in 2017 with high quality educational commitment. It believes freelancing is revolutionizing the way people work.


RITI is one of the best ICT related professional training center which is driven by the ICT for the IT industry. And the purpose of this institution is really very impressive. This institution provide fully IT based great environment which is really important for young trainee. Their lab atmosphere, lab instrument & trainers are really very good. This institution provides the world class training.


RITI is an excellent organization in Bangladesh especially I know about training system of RITI. This month I was a web designing Student in there. I'm really so much impressed and would like to say many thanks for this training. All the Best.


RITI is an excellent place for SEO training....All member of RITI & trainer is excellent...I have a chance for joint there for learn seo practical....that was a awesome time I have passed there...I am so grateful to the lecturer & RITI....Hope I will join another class for learn CPA marketing....Best wishes to RITI....


It's an awesome platform for all sorts of student become an IT professional as they provide lots of opportunity making your bright future. Good wish for this great training institution.


RITI offers different courses for the candidates. A candidate can choose their desire course from the RITI training courses. A candidate have come to RITI office alone with their interest and talk with the front desk about their interest. The front desk personnel will guide the candidates to get the admission in their desire course.

We offers wide range of courses in according with the industry requirement. All these courses has been carefully selected for both outsourcing and local market requirement. Please check our course section to know details about our courses.

Rokomari IT Institute (RITI) has a well-structured computer lab. This computer lab have 28 seating arrangement.

RITI offers professional courses in the relevant field. To be eligible for nay course, the candidates should have the basic idea about the subject or minimum SSC certified.

The time duration are varies for course to course. We offers three type of courses like advanced, short, and trending courses. Normally, the advance course duration are 5 months, short course duration are 3 months and the trending course duration are one month.

RITI committed to quality education. As part of the quality RITI offers certificate after completing the course. This is not implacable for the trending course.